3rd July 2018

03-July-2018 15:07
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by Admin

Sword of Fate jumped 8 fences this morning prior to his run this evening at Stratford. I wonder how much water they have put on this morning, it is quite astonishing that horses can run on good to firm ground in the summer and the colours are mud splattered and in need of washing. Yet, on good ground in October they can generally be put back on their hangers until the next time. My view on summer racing and summer tracks is pretty poor already. Not being able to find proper fast ground kind of negates its purpose even further for us. Sword of Fate has won all his races on proper fast ground and seems to struggle on anything less. 

We had a great morning this morning backing the 3 year olds that arrived from Ireland over the weekend. Only one is proving to be a handful and he will be bought along at a much slower pace than the other 10 we rode away this morning. Those older horses that came in yesterday all trotted around the sand for a couple of miles. The sharper ones trotted up the woodchip a couple of times. It is much harder to get bucked off going uphill! He’s a Goer and Goodwyn the Great returned today. Goodwyn the Great is for sale, please get in touch if you have any interest in buying an unraced fine 4-year-old by Milan, he was in training all last winter but just wasn’t quite strong enough to run. He had two racecourse gallops before being turned away for the summer. He can be bought well as I do not like accumulating horses I own. 

I need to go into battle with Vodafone now as I have a phone that is slowly dying.