3rd June 2021

03-June-2021 17:33
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by Admin

Competition heads to Catterick tomorrow. To read my thoughts click here.


The yard is quiet and will remain so for another few weeks yet. Yesterday we worked Yes No Maybe So, Black Anthem, Baily’s Gorse, Hunting Percival, Sinndarella and Fox’s Socks.


Earlier in the week I received a dignity at work document and video. I am unsure how we have arrived at this place but we are in danger of all humour being removed from our work place and society for fear of upsetting someone. I must admit, I did shut down the video when it was advised that people didn’t say anything riding out in the string as someone within ear shot may not see the funny side of what was being said. I have a complete grasp on what was being advised and feel sad that we have found ourselves living in this environment. Mental health is serious but humour and laughter are good for the soul and my goodness me you need a sense of humour in this job.