3rd April 2020

03-April-2020 17:11
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by Admin

More stalls practice for Lossiemouth, Swift Wing is showing him how to do it and Obi 1 Knobi is showing Sholto how to do it too. 


Most days seem pretty much the same at this desperate time for everyone around the world, no one is escaping this and the scarring it will leave behind is daunting to say the least. I choose not to think we are locked in at home but instead believe we are safe at home. That comes over and above anything else in these desperate times. I have also managed to grasp a better understanding of journalist and what their motives are behind questions asked to ministers. They don’t look for factual information; they ask the same ridiculously antagonistic questions looking for a headline rather than reporting facts. Anyway let’s move on………. I’ve also remembered how slow time passes by when you’re not rushing around like a rabbit in headlights. 


National Hunt racing is looking to resume in July and I think that was the most sensible thing, it was nice to be asked and I agreed wholeheartedly that NH owners and trainers should allow preference for the flat rats to get racing as soon as possible. We do not need to make an already difficult situation worse by campaigning for NH bumpers given the hope of actually jumping is none and none. 


I nearly had a trip to Port Isaac yesterday with Lamanver Storm. The SOS came through on the phone that the Doc had come to a standstill on the A30, the recuse team was dispatched. PC Joe Penhale was first on the scene closely followed by Bert Large who managed to ascertain that the Landover lacked water, the water supply was replenished and our change over at Exeter Racecourse was carried out successfully whilst remaining two meters apart at all times. 


Thank you to all those who have called or sent congratulatory messages about the arrival of Sheik Mohammed’s 2 year olds. Please look at the date of the blog!


The horses continue to lob away up the hill or around the sand waiting for this glorious weather that is forecast, there will be twenty/twenty-five horses being released onto summer pasture on Monday or Tuesday. 


Kimberlite Candy features in the virtual Grand National tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here.