3rd March 2021

03-March-2021 17:33
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by Admin

Sebastopol, Glory and Honour, Benito, Nocte Volatus, Milfohas Has all schooled over hurdles, Fair Kate, Vado Forte, Hazzaar and Flashing Glance over fences. Johnny Burke was in to sit on a Flashing Glance and Glory and Honour who both head to Ludlow tomorrow. Nocte Volatus and Silent Man head to Taunton to read my thoughts click here


The other horses all had routine canters around the sand and up the hill. 


This will be my last comment on the events surrounding Gordon Elliott. The witch hunt for his head is as bad as the picture itself. He will be under no illusion of how much damage he has caused, when some of us have moved on he has to live the rest of his life with the shame and I believe that will be more painful than any fine or suspension of his trainer license. His actions are inexcusable and the authorities should punish him accordingly. Social media is an absolute cesspit and we are not better for it.