3rd March 2018

03-March-2018 20:00
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by Admin

A few days ago I told everyone to stop making a fuss -  it won’t be as bad as those who love drama are making it out to be. I think I have been proved wrong, the country is in a mess and on this occasion the politicians can’t even be held responsible. Weather is one of the many things that no one can control. The drifts on our roads are crazy and we look to be stuck in for a day or 2 yet. A few local phone calls tonight have clarified we will be very lucky to get out to Lingfield on Monday. I haven’t given up yet but the snow has started again this evening and I’m probably not too far away from surrendering. I have cleared to the bottom of our lane, yet there are a couple of miles left to go to the B roads and my little tractor is unlikely to cope with the 12ft + drifts ahead of it.

It has been a heroic effort from the lads living on site and those that have managed to walk into work. I have no idea how I could have managed without them. 

To lighten my mood, Alberto’s Dream decided to roll while out on the gallop this morning, luckily, I'm still slight enough of my feet to have jumped off.