3rd March 2016

03-March-2016 19:06
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What a day I’ve had with cars. I didn’t notice that my car had a puncture this morning when I fed as it was still dark. We have been down to one car as Sophie’s was in for breaks front and back since Tuesday and the horsebox has also been in dock with a warped air cooler, something to do with the turbo!

The day got of to an annoying start - changing punctures when I wanted to be riding out isn’t good for my tolerance levels. Space saver that are flat aren’t much good as spares and the idiot that came up with the idea wants shooting.

This afternoon Sophie’s car was ready for collection at 4 p.m, £800 later her car is back on the road and mine went horribly wrong going to collect it. Mine is now in the local garage waiting to be diagnosed. If you drive it over 15 MPH you are in danger of getting something shoved up your backside.  It could be a lot worse, cars can be fixed within day’s unlike horses.

Most horses had routine canters this morning, some on the sand others up the hill. Pinnacle Peter and Cuirassier Dempire jumped 16 fences on the schooling strip. Pinnacle Peter will run at Didmartin on Saturday.

Vazaro Delafayette followed up last weeks win with another win at Taunton today. He is a horse we sold after he won his p2p, I loved him and thought he was going to be top class. He proved he was a good horse when finishing 3rd in a hot Cheltenham bumper after leaving us. Annoyingly, he had a very very rough race, he was bumped sideways twice and David Pipe said he never really recovered form it through his hurdling days, he looks to be on the right path now and I am delighted. It isn’t easy to bring horses back after they’ve had a bad experience and David has done a very good job in doing so.