2nd November 2016

02-November-2016 18:24
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The squirell hunter!

We had a lovely drive in the sunshine with Russian Service and Polydora who we choose to pull out given the variations in the going. The clerk of the course got it spot on and should be applauded for his honesty. I just wasn’t comfortable risking nice young horses with their whole lives ahead of them. Had they of run I’d have spent the night awake worrying about what I’d find in the morning.  


Polydora was also declared for Newbury tomorrow and we will head there tomorrow. I am feeling optimistic given the going stick reading, although, they vary so much from course to course they certainly can not be taken for granted. Mrs Newell walked Warwick this afternoon, we will declare Bells On Sunday in the morning and take stock on Friday morning. Taunton have abandoned their meeting next week due to hard patches. For those anoraks

(you know who you are and you live close to the home of National Hunt Racing) could you please tell me when a meeting in November was last abandoned due to hard ground. Frost doesn’t count! When you’ve discovered the year we will put it in our Christmas quiz.


Most of the horses here are on tick over and waiting for rain. It is all a bit frustrating but far from the end of the world.  


Guy Roberts was here this morning with Pete Prosser seeing New Member who has come out of Hereford in great shape.