2nd October 2018

02-October-2018 18:10
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by Admin

Jester Jet, Meep Meep, Dorking Cock, Thomas Patrick, Snapdragon Fire, Coningsby, Triopas and Polydora all cantered around the sand before swinging up the hill a couple of times. 


En Meme Temps is fine after his run yesterday; he won’t be going anywhere until the rain arrives nor will much else. 


After 3rdlot we headed off for an away day with eight horses, they all worked over a mile and jumped hurdles or fences as we were there and it would have been silly to pass by the opportunity of getting that experience under their belts.   


Yesterday, the contractors were in direct drilling one of our grass fields as I want to create a better surface for schooling on grass, the contactor has been drilling for 42 years and at no time during that period has he been asked to drill seed at the rate we requested. I hope to create a thick carpet like surface. Dan has been rolling it in last night and again tonight. It now needs rain too. 


It is an early start tomorrow as I will be packing Alice off at 3.30 A.M with Vivant who heads to France to race on Friday.