2nd August 2016

02-August-2016 17:37
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The rain allowed us to get most, if not all horses back on the sand. It is just too dusty when we experience a prolonged dry spell – not very often!

Hagstone and Pinnacle Panda did a bit more for the first time today. Hagstone will hopefully run towards the end of the month or beginning of September.

I have felt dreadful all day and spent most of it either in the tractor or in bed. Hopefully, tomorrow I will feel better as I plan to go to Doncaster sales.

The BHA are in the process of rolling out a new Racing Admin Site. That should be fun, if it is anything like the new Weatherbys banking site we could all be in for a bit of trying time. I’m sure once we learn to navigate our way around it it ill be find.