2nd July 2018

02-July-2018 18:31
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by Admin

The horses from the Derby sale have all settled in nicely, none appear to have any vices so they will all be turned out tonight once the temperature drops. Tomorrow we will be up on their backs in the lunge pen, well someone will be. Anyone can fall off, the man on the lunge line is far more important!

Please don't complain about the heat, below wasn't so long ago.


Sword of Fate heads to Stratford tomorrow evening, he should get his preferred ground and seems a better horse with a fence in front of him than a hurdle. I’m hoping for a better showing than we saw over a few hurdles at Southwell a few weeks back. He seems in good order. 

The horses have started to come back in off grass, today Vado Forte, Thomas Patrick, Dorking Boy, Dorking Cock, Meep Meep and Equus Amadeus all came back. A Native River 2-year-old went home and the other 2-year-old will go home on Wednesday when Kateson comes back in. 

Many will remember Alice who used to work for me in the Cotswolds, she came back full time today. She’s a great girl and we are delighted to have her back. Stan Shepherd will be here 4 mornings a week and Tommie returned from his holiday. Alice will backup Albert in the transport department as well as riding out and generally being another good pair of hands around the place. Stan is based back at home with his dad and needs to earn a wage while he tries to branch out into other yards in search of race rides. We have put together a great team of staff and I am very much looking forward to getting going this autumn.