2nd April 2021

02-April-2021 16:22
in General
by Admin

Nothing too serious for the horses this morning, Sebastopol, Teescomponentslass, Highstakesplayer, Neville’s Cross, Yes No Maybe So, Lossiemouth, Black Anthem and Marty Time schooled over hurdles. Flashing Glance, Vado Forte, Hazzaar and an unnamed Solider of Fortune schooled over fences. Johnny Burke was in to help us out. Some will have to earn a little more of their keep tomorrow. 


Kimberlite Candy, Kateson and Thomas Patrick went up and down the hills and bridleways around us. I wonder how many national horses were hacking around the roads this morning, I’d say one. Kimberlite Candy needs to be going into Aintree feeling on top of the world, if any trainer is worried about the fitness of their national runners it is probably too late now. Kimberlite Candy will do a couple of little bits between now and tomorrow week otherwise, he will be enjoying himself doing other things away from galloping. Every horse is different and we like to think we know Kimberlite Candy better than most and will be doing what we think is right to get him there in tip top condition.