2nd January 2016

02-January-2016 13:18
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Singlefarmpayment - Our New Year Superstar    

Chase End Charlie, Legal Exit and Hag Stone worked on the woodchip this morning. Chase End Charlie and Legal Exit may well go to Doncaster on Friday.  Hag Stone will have an entry to run at Ludlow on the 12th January.  Please stop raining after Friday!

Having had time to reflect on yesterday, I am absolutely overjoyed. The day started with high drama: we left home for Cheltenham in what we thought was plenty of time, only to find ourselves in a massive traffic jam getting into the course. It wasn’t moving and action was needed.  Richard our travelling head lad stepped up, he was sent on a mission to stop all oncoming traffic while we drove on the wrong side of the road for about a mile up to the racecourse! Chris Down and another lorry were instructed to get in behind me once I passed them in the queue. I was hugely relived to get into the stables with over 2 hours until race time. Richard went straight to the vet box for oxygen....

Last night I was upset about Very Intense failing to win at Fakenham when I should have been on cloud nine. I’ve now moved on and am firmly on cloud nine and very touched by all the congratulatory messages I’ve received.  What is much more important than anything else is that Singlefarmpayment is in fine fettle this morning. He ate all but a double handful of his supper; he has a nick on the outside of his off fore which is superficial. We will have an Animal-Lintex on it for 24 hours and that will hopefully be that.

I have managed to find Channel 4 OD and enjoyed watching the replay. I must admit to feeling a little choked up by it all. For anyone else who failed to see it, I’ve attached a link below. You can watch the whole program or forward to 1hr 16 mins for Singlefarmpayment’s race. I think I could do with some media training; thankfully, Nick Luck makes it as easy as possible for us novices – thank you Nick. Let’s hope we meet again in the same place one day soon!

If you click this link you should be able to watch the whole show. Enjoy!!

It is on mornings like this morning when one can’t wait for the Racing Post to be delivered – Alastair Down didn’t disappoint and I love his sense of humour. I did offer a mate a few quid to go and cut the cables on the big screens but he hasn’t asked for payment so I guess it must have been someone else who backed him. Graham Cunningham and Jonathon Neeson could be questioned?

I am now off to watch Gloucester hammer London Irish to cap the near perfect last 3 days. Three seconds, two winners, from the last six runners. We won’t mention the fifth placing.

Have a good weekend.