1st December 2020

01-December-2020 16:51
in General
by Admin

We have safely returned from Ayr, Lamanver Storm ran a nice race behind what we already knew was smart horse. He was far from disgraced. Unohu won as he liked which was very pleasing indeed, You Name Him just struggled in the ground and will win his fair share of races. Highstakesplayer lost nothing in defeat and was just out sprinted to the line. Yes, he could have tried to put the race to bed sooner but he may have been passed by the winner who was finishing fast. Bumpers are tactical affairs, we always want to win them but we haven’t been buying bumper horses for three year or more now. We have been looking to buy staying chasers for the future, bumpers are stepping stones and far from the be all and end all.


This sport will level anyone. Losing Grizzman today had taken the shine of what was a successful day at Ayr yesterday. We have gone from a winner, two seconds and a fourth at Ayr to losing a horse who was back running a lovely race having bombed out last time on untraceable ground. He too was horse for the future.


It is Tilly’s birthday so I’m kind of rushing. I still have to go to Gloucester to collect my car which has been serviced, driving back from Ayr wasn’t enough for one day. 


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