1st December 2015

01-December-2015 21:26
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by Admin

Siglefarmpayment won in very good fashion today, I believe he's a better horse than Southwell on a Tuesday afternoon. He has been a very frustrating horse in that he has looked like winning on 3 previous occasions and appeared just not to go through with it. I have never questioned whether or not he is genuine; he has just been mentally immature and had a tendency to wander around when hitting the front. Getting his head in front was my main priority today and I hope he can now go forward with confidence.

Adeenne Des Sevres hated the ground, anything he achieves over hurdles will be a bonus and he’s a chaser in the making. He will have another run and then be saved for the spring when we will hopefully get a prolonged period of better ground.

I thought the race was over as soon as the tape went up for Hag Stone and felt like walking off the grandstand. He got the most appalling start and found himself  racing alone from far too far back. He too will be better on a sounder surface. Given the start he got I found enough positives in his run to think he will win his races. I knew he would need the run mentally if not physically and now has that benefit under his belt. If he comes out of the run in good shape he will be out again around Christmas time.

I have felt a bit funny all day, how Sophie walked out of that car with nothing more than bruising and grazes from the seatbelt is a miracle. Thinking of what could have been has shaken us both. I am normally very good at moving on from dramas but must admit to feeling rather shaken after yesterdays. Tilly is 11 today and we celebrated when I came home.