1sdt November 2021

01-November-2021 18:29
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A very mixed bag this weekend, losing JohnBB overshadowed Lossiemouth’s win at Ascot on Saturday. Under normal circumstances I would have been overjoyed to get Lossiemouth back in the winner’s enclosure, but I couldn’t get away from the sad feeling of JohnBB’s death. I had very high hopes for JohnBB this season and was convinced that he was going to be his year. I thought he was well handicapped, and he had improved for another summer. Losing any horse hurts, they are all special for one reason or another and the feeling of doing so hangs around for days. It hits everyone hard.


I was happy with Highstakesplayer and Hesque De L’isle. They will have their days in the sun. 


Typical Monday morning canters for most of the horses this morning, Sebastopol, Adrimel, Kimberlite Candy, Thomas Patrick and Glory and Honour schooled over fences, Camembert Electric and King Ferdinand schooled over hurdles. Johnny Burke was in on his way to Hereford. 


The clean-up operation began, yesterday’s rain was biblical, the drains couldn’t cope and I started to believe in global warming, maybe I should glue my face to the M25 in the hope that it helps to fix the issue. The volume of water that feel out of the sky yesterday was quite incredible, it came down literally as if it were coming out of a tap aided by a shower pump. 


Piaff Bubbles heads to Exeter tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here.