1st October 2020

01-October-2020 15:41
in General
by Admin

San Agustin and Le Grand Fromage are in fine fettle this morning. I certainly sleep better when there is some juice in the ground. Tossing and turning all night wondering what legs I’m going to fine in the morning is no fun. 


Quiet canters for many, the rain is arriving but for how long it has an effect on the ground is to be seen, we are not suddenly going to go mad with the horses. After the storm passes it could come dry again. It came as no surprise today to be told that horses are stacking up waiting to run and the entries for Chepstow will no doubt be astronomical. 


I feel for Oisin Murphy and have no faith whatsoever in the French drug testing system, if my memory serves me correctly another flat jockey tested positive over there and had negative samples over here. Something is going horribly wrong somewhere. It seems that history has repeated itself. I will be fascinated to know the results, if any review of procedures was taken by the BHA after the last aforementioned case. Somehow, I doubt any review was taken and potentially, another innocent man in Oisin Murphy could be thrown to the wolves for six months. I hope not.


Gold Clermont heads north tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here.