1st October 2019

01-October-2019 17:02
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by Admin

This morning we worked, Vado Forte, Glory and Fortune, Lossiemouth, Hunting Percival, You Name Him, Dorking Cock, Neveille’s Cross, Meep Meep, Saint Arvans, Sebastopol, Floating Rock and JohnBB. Thais Toir, Tea Clipper and Equus Amadeus had little blows on the hill. All the others had quiet canters. I’m constantly told to be careful what you wish for. The rain has certainly softened the sand gallop and it was just too wet this morning. 


Our water walk is about 18 inches deeper than the photo!


I left the house at 4.45 this morning and haven’t been back to it yet, nor will I be going there for a hour or so. Good night.