1st September 2017

01-September-2017 20:21
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Flashing Glance failed to remember one iota of what he has been taught, I now know how frustrated my teachers must have felt. I’m not sure what is too blame, he ballooned the first hurdle, whether or not the hurdle caught him by surprise or he just simply had a mental break down. Richard Johnson had been in to school him and todays display of jumping didn’t resemble anything like what we have seen on the schooling ground. Richard said he forgot to breath and he felt that he went over a mile on one breath, no horse can manage that at any level. We have always known he is work in progress but today’s performance is nothing but hugely disappointing. All we wanted was for him to settle and jump his hurdles, he did neither. He has his head firmly stuck in his feed bowl now and will be checked over by our physio tomorrow morning before we regroup and get today behind us.  The last horse I trained that made such a mess on his hurdle debut went on to win a race at Cheltenham, lets hope he can do something similar. We certainly won’t be giving up on him.



This morning 2 lorries delivered 40 tonne of sand to top up the high ground on the sand gallop, on my return from Bangor I leveled it with the tractor bucket and the harrow ready for tomorrow morning.