1st August 2016

01-August-2016 19:38
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The forecast rain has finally arrived, not what all the farmers wanted given I saw combines working yesterday. The horses are certainly happy to see, their fields will green up and some moisture in the air will settle the dust.

I finally got round to getting my wisdom tooth out this afternoon, a stubborn sod it was too. On arrival, I was pleasantly surprised to be called through immediately. I then confirmed, with the nurse exactly the same information I had given her 2 minuets earlier on reception. Perhaps I could have switched identity walking down a corridor? It was a bit of a comedy sketch really. I was jabbed up only for the nurse to realise the suction pipe wasn’t working. Jo was called, after some deliberation about moving to another room that needed cleaning down an alternative pipe was used. The cutting of the gum seemed to go smoothly before drill number 1 failed. Jo was called again and a replacement was found, it was plugged in and all seemed to be in working order. Drill number 2 was plunged into my mouth and drilling commenced. It over heated immediately and burnt my top lip. Naturally, I had to stop the surgeon and explain it was burning my lip. He then had a play with it before putting his hand on the area that was burning my lip. Jo was called “Jo this drill is burning the patient.” Drill number 3 was sourced and worked perfectly. After the drilling it was pull and yank in any direction possible, at one point I thought my nose was coming out the back of my head given the pressure on my face. During the sorting out of drills I asked if I could swill my mouth out, the assistant, told me to swallow, it is only water. She must have thought I’d never tasted blood before and that I was blind in that I couldn’t see anything but blood being sucked out of my mouth through the transparent suction pipe. In fact, they were all lovely and the funny side was seen from all parties. A few Arnica pills, some hard core pain killer and snooze I am now fighting fit and kicking the door for my supper.