1st July 2016

01-July-2016 20:39
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by Admin

It has been without doubt a frustrating few days or should I say weeks. BT, having spent a week telling us there was no fault on our line and that should it be internal we would be liable for the costs of calling them out and repairs. Having checked out our house on Tuesday they have spent 72 hours in the vicinity and have found a fault or 2! It would appear, for the time being we are now up and running again.

The yard is running as it typically does at this time of year. All the 3 year olds are backed and either riding around the lunge pen, ménage or the sand gallop. The lads have done a great job with them and there isn’t a problem with one of them. A few horses have come in off grass, there is nothing worse than rushing horses and to have a few weeks’ head start can makes all the difference. It hasn’t been a great summer for them with the cold and rain. Polydora, Isle of Ewe, Kimberlite Candy, Pinnacle Panda and Hagstone are all back. All are being ridden and turned out by night giving them the best of both worlds.

Robert Chugg was here on Wednesday to see his two fillies, the 3-year-old by Kalanisi has gone back out for a break and the 4-year-old by Scorpion will stay on the go.

Marie Steel his breeder and a member of our racing club was here this morning to see him have a canter. We will look for a race for him in another couple of weeks.