1st February 2018

01-February-2018 17:36
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by Admin

Kateson and Thomas Patrick had a little blow up the hill this morning. Both run at Chepstow tomorrow, a heavy rain shower would help us all I think. After the drying day we’ve had I fear the ground could be very glue like – we will see.

Coningsby cantered a couple of miles on the sand and jumped a line of 4 hurdles. He is likely to head to Wetherby on Saturday. All the 4 year olds and the older horses put in some hard yards around the sand.

Sword of Fate and Espinator have been turned out with heavy rugs on over at Little Lodge Stud. Luck of the Legion has gone home too, Espinator needs time, Sword of Fate and Luck of the Legion a holiday.

Sir Egbert’s brother Unohu came back to further his education and will be ridden around for 6 weeks or so before getting the spring grass.

If anyone is in any doubt about James Bowen’s age he is 16 and can’t even drive a car to the races. Yes, he’s an exceptional talent.

I am constantly told by Sophie that there are in fact shades of grey, none of which I am able to see. Michael O’Leary and I have at least one thing in common. O’Leary’s interview in todays racing post is a must read for anyone aspiring to become a jockey, or to that matter, successful in any field. Work hard, don’t complain and opportunities will follow.