1st January 2019

01-January-2019 18:34
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by Admin

We rode out this week’s runners this morning and those who have headed up to Ayr with Albert at the wheel. The others had their day off and will all be back catering quietly tomorrow. 

There is no better way to bring up 100 winners trained than doing so at Cheltenham, the home of jump racing on New Years Day. It is a massive team effort, every single person working here plays their part and the successes are a result of a fantastic team of riders who educate the babies to know their job when they hit the track. The yard men are as important, they keep the stables impeccably clean day in day out keeping a good clean healthy environment for the horses to live in. I deserve no more credit than any other member of the staff here.

The big man himself looking on.


Sebastopol and JohnBB have settled in at Ayr before their runs tomorrow. The bookies are taking no chances and have them both odds on. I hope they are right to cover their backs.